Produced in association with the AR, the Form4 monograph is conceived not simply as an exploration of the practice’s diverse body of work, but an investigation into‎ how the narrative of Modernism, which shaped design culture for the last century, can be rebalanced to instigate a new and humanly responsive era of architecture and urbanism.  

–  Catherine Slessor, past editor-in-chief for Architectural Review

‘As the leading magazine of international architecture the AR has an important role in promoting debate and engaging with the profession. We are proud to partner with Form4 on such a thought provoking publication and we hope the ideas contained in it will stimulate a wider discussion about the changing role of architecture in society’.

– Paul Finch, AR Editorial Director

Starting as a progressive discussion with the Architectural Review the topic evolved into an “Advocacy Monograph”. Fundamentally it looks at the successes and failures of modernism and suggests a way to rebalance things with a greater emphasis on emotional meaning, cultural vibrancy and creativity….. all with the thought of turning architecture and urbanism towards abundance.
– John Marx, Chief Artistic Officer, Form4 Architecture